Margarita Cupcakes

Jillian, a co-worker/friend of mine, hates chocolate.  In fact, she’s not a fan of sweets in general.  I know, I know… I’m pretty sure it’s proof that she’s demented.  Or maybe that she wasn’t born a woman.  Whatever her secret, it makes baking up cupcakes for her birthday a little more difficult than it would be for your average office mate.  When I asked what flavors she liked, she was way more inspired by cocktails.  And thus, we decided on margarita cake with tequila lime cream cheese frosting.  Spoiler alert!  The birthday girl LOVED them… and so did I.  I ate six.  In two days.

margarita cupcake with a festive parasolThese pretty things started with a basic white cake recipe – except we substituted margarita mix for the wet ingredients.  We used Jose Cuervo Margaritas Pour and Serve, but you could also add the mix and margarita separately if you want the cake to be boozier.

Jose Cuervo Margaritaville

We also grated a little lime zest for the cake and saved some to add to the frosting, too.

zesting a lime

Lime zest even made the batter look festive!

margartia cake batter

We mixed it up and poured it into the cupcake liners.  This batter was VERY thick so an even our was tough.  Net time, we’re using an ice cream scoop.

Filling cups with margarita cake batter

The cake came out so pretty!  Gorgeous light brown with little flecks of green.

margarita cupcakes, waiting for frosting

Next up, the frosting.  It was a difficult choice for us since most of the margarita cupcake recipes we cam across had lime buttercream.  That sounded gross to us and the birthday girl.  We finally came across a delicious sounding lime tequila cream cheese frosting.  First we sifted some powdered sugar in with a bit of butter.

sifting powdered sugar

Then we added the cream cheese, lime zest, and the Jose Cuervo tequila.  Just a couple teaspoons.

tequila teaspoons for the frosting

We mixed until it was smooth and creamy.  Look how pretty!

whipping up the frosting

We swirled the frosting on with a round tip.  It wasn’t quite thick enough that we could have used a star tip and had it stay looking sharp.

frosting the margarita cupcakes

Lisa and I used two different decorating techniques – mine on the big cupcakes and hers on the minis.  I started by slicing up some lime gummy candies.

Lime gummy candies for garnish

Then I filled a shallow dish (in this case, the lid of a tupperware container) with some green sugar.

green decorative sugar

I pressed the sugar against the sides, then rolled the edge of each cupcake in the sugar.  It wasn’t perfect but it was the best way I could think of to add the ‘rim’.

rimming margarita cupcakes with sugar

I plopped a candy lime slice on the top, and, tah dah!  A cute little margarita.  (This is my tah dah face, btw.)

presenting my margarita cupcake

We added some colorful parasols – what birthday girl doesn’t love those?  The cupcakes looked great!

mrgarita cupcakes with parasols

Lisa went a different, and more adorable, way with her mini cupcakes.  She started by piping on a dollop of frosting.

frosting the mini margarita cupcakes

Then she added a light sprinkle of green sugar and a teeny tiny sliver of lime gummies.  Voila!  (This is Lisa’s voila face.)

Lisa with the mini cupcakes

These looked great next to the lime that inspired them.

Mini Margarita Cupcake

The cake got a couple rave reviews, though it was a tiny bit on the dry side.  The frosting is what really put people (including me) over the top.  Who knew lime and cream cheese were so good together?  It tasted so fresh and cool – the perfect cupcake for a post-taco treat on a hot AZ day.  YUM!  We’ll definitely be making more of these.

half of a margarita cupcake

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Comments (3)

DotJuly 30th, 2010 at 10:38 am

I love the bit where the glitter is coming out of the bottle. MONEY SHOT!

JillianAugust 11th, 2010 at 3:37 pm

I’d like to make 2 points here.

1. Those cupcakes were delish. Thanks!

2. I DO like sweets. Here’s a list:

-shaved ice/snocones
-creme brulee
-panna cotta
-home made whipped cream
-sour patch kids
-gummi bears
-frozen yogurt
-and the occasional pint of ben and jerry’s =]

Everything else is meh. But I was definitely born a woman.

KT CupcakeAugust 11th, 2010 at 4:20 pm

You don’t like chocolate, therefore my judgement on your true gender shall wait til the test gets back from the lab.

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