Where has the time gone??

My goodness gracious ladies and gents, we’ve been so busy we’ve neglected our blog! Unfortunately some of what’s kept us away has been mundane, just life getting in the way you know? I’m in my last phase of my M.A. and have been toiling away on a paper (read: I’ve been screwing around on the internet while a blank screen sits on GoogleDocs waiting for me to say something intelligent) and KT has been working like the dickens. However, we have also been baking away, so I’ll update you a bit on our latest shenanigans.

We’ve begun to gain some business momentum and filled a couple of large orders!

These were for a tween girl’s birthday, the top ones are strawberry cake with vanilla bean buttercream frosting, and the bottom are vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream frosting. We had fun decorating these, as her favorite colors were the same as ours: pink and black. They were a hit at the party and we’ve since added the strawberry cake to our permanent menu – starting with a vanilla batter base and adding fresh strawberries cooked down with a little sugar until they were the consistency of jam made for the most moist and tasty cake!

These guys were for our friend Jeff’s son’s birthday, he was turning 7. When Jeff told us his favorite cake was cherry, we weren’t sure what to do with that, so we figured what little kid doesn’t love a maraschino cherry? We chopped some up to add to our vanilla batter, used a bit of the juice for extra flavor and came out with a pretty nice end product! We frosted them with vanilla bean buttercream and garnished with mini chocolate chips and a cherry on top. We hear they went over famously!

These guys were, proudly, our second order that came from an office who wants our cupcakes to accompany monthly birthday celebrations! We are so excited that everyone loved our cupcakes so much that they have become our first repeat customer. The first two photos are of our Pirate’s Booty and Raspberry Berets, which you know all about. The last two are newer flavors: Lemon Tart and Grasshopper. The Lemon Tart have a graham cracker crust, yellow cake with lemon filling, and meringue frosting that we have an absolute blast browning with our creme brulee torch. The Grasshopper was inspired by a popular drink, it is chocolate cake with Andes mint chips and a Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting, garnished with more Andes chips.

I have a few more photos to post, but alas, it is time for me to get to the gym. Something that has become increasingly important as we’ve perfected our recipes and tasted lord knows how much frosting on the way! We’re so excited to share our progress with you, and I promise we won’t stay away so long this time.

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Mary121April 4th, 2011 at 6:34 am

When are you going to add moree cakes????

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