Why We’re Bad at Blogging

Well, it should be pretty obvious by now… we’re terrible at keeping the blog updated.  But we have a really good excuse!  Several, actually.

Since February, we’ve been really busy turning what started as a blog into an actual business.  We’ve filled dozens of orders for office parties…



bridal showers…

baby showers…

and the biggest of all:  WEDDINGS!

Very exciting stuff!

In addition to the special event catering, which we love, the Lisa half of OLoC graduated with her Master’s degree AND started baking for Royal Coffee (http://www.royalcoffeebar.com/), where our cupcakes are featured along with cookies, scones (from KT’s mom’s secret recipe – the best ever!), biscotti, bars, pie and other sweet treats.

See?   All perfectly reasonable excuses to slack a bit on the blogging.  We really WANT to do more – put up a gallery page, tweet on a regular basis, streamline the site design, get a new logo, etc – but who can find the time between baking, our “real” jobs, our boyfriends (two of the most awesome guys on the planet), family, friends, and dogs… whew!  Until we can make more time in our day, please check out our Flickr account to see pics of all the great stuff we’ve made lately!

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