A Pledge To Our Customers

As a fairly new business, one thing Lisa and I have had to think really hard about is how we want to operate.  What is the OLoC philosophy?  Our mission statement?  Our creed?  We never could sum it up in just a couple words.  When clients asked, we’d just tell them that we work hard to make our clients happy because it makes us happy – and yet, it goes even deeper than that.

Today we spotted a post on the (truly excellent) blog A Practical Wedding about the pledge that they have all their vendors sign before they can advertise on APW (and one they ask potential clients to take, as well).  Though we don’t have an advertising budget yet, we’re proud to say that we already live by their pledge.  It is reprinted below with a few additions specific to Our Lady in italics.

The APW Sanity / Our Lady of Cupcakes Pledge

-  A wedding is an awesome party, but it’s the marriage that really matters.

-  It takes two people to get married. It’s not all about the bride (and sometimes there isn’t a bride to begin with).

-  We support LGBTQ couples’ right to marry, and we are delighted to work with them.

-We don’t charge a premium just because we heard the word “wedding.” (Note: Our pricing is the same regardless of event.)

-  We will be upfront and fair about our pricing. We won’t surprise you with a secret fee because you want frosting on the cake, not just the cake. (Take a look!)

-  You don’t have to have cake at your wedding.

-  However you decided to tie the knot, we’re on your team.

-  Weddings come in all different shapes/sizes/colors/budgets/etc., but as long as you two end up married to each other, it will have been a successful wedding.

-  Our cupcakes will never be old, stale, frozen, or contain fillers like shortening.

-  We will communicate with you in the most timely manner possible and answer all questions, no matter how silly or frantic.

-  We respect all members of the wedding industry and will work with your other vendors (and maybe even send some leftover cupcakes their way).

-  We will do everything within our power to make your experience easy, worry-free, and disaster-proof.

Not getting married?  This pledge applies to you, too!  It’s not just weddings we go out of our way for – it’s every client.  Whether you order 1 dz or 25 dz, we want to make them perfect for you.  It’s why we do what we do!

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