A note about our new pricing…

We’re raising our prices.  There, we said it.  We wanted to be honest and upfront about that because that’s how we run our business, with honesty.  We kept our pricing the same throughout 2011, despite the fact that the cost of our supplies went up – some are almost double what they were in ’10 (Ghiradelli chocolate baking bars, we’re looking at you!).  Gas prices went up, too.  Overall, some news sources are estimating that cost of food+gas represents an 11% increase in expenditure this year.  When you book weddings 6 months to a year in advance but don’t order supplies until days before, that’s an increase you can really feel.

The good news is that prices are supposed to steady in 2012.  The bad news is that they’re not going down.  So we’ve had to redesign our pricing for cupcakes, small cakes, and delivery.  We’ve also had to add a set up charge for weddings because we found we were spending as much as two hours helping with set up (not just of cupcake displays – when we show up, we’re prepared to help with anything the wedding party needs) for about $5.  Undervaluing our work isn’t good business.

We did a lot of research, a lot of math, and discussed every detail to arrive at pricing that we believe is both fair to our customers and doesn’t undervalue our product.  We believe we provide the absolute best customer service and the tastiest cupcakes (our 5 star ratings back us up on that), but we know part of that great service is the feeling of value.  So let us break it down for you:

  • The average wedding cake for 120 people costs roughly $543.
  • The average cost of cupcakes for 120 people is $434.
  • Our cost, even after raising our price, is just $310.

You can add in a small cutting/anniversary cake, cupcake tower, delivery, and set up and we’ll still save you money – it’ll total only $408.  We’ve also kept our pricing ala carte instead of creating pricing packages so that we can work with any budget.  Because ultimately, what we want to do is give everyone the option of having a great tasting, beautiful, memorable dessert at their wedding (or commitment ceremony, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday party, family dinner, etc).

So our prices may have gone up a bit, but it comes with a promise – we’ll never cut back on service, quality, or our commitment to our customers.

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