Why not customize your cupcakes?

Confession time!  Between cupcake-specific baking blogs and wedding-centric ones, there are 272 blogs in my Google reader.  My ‘new posts’ often exceeds 1000+.  And I read these things almost every single day.  That means I see a lot of wedding pictures.  A LOT! I’ve noticed a couple things about the desserts after looking at hundreds (thousands?) of weddings:  1) Where are all these people getting sliced log cake stands?  They’re everywhere!  I fear we’ll soon be facing a shortage of 8″ – 10″ wide trees.  2) Pie is seriously trendy right now, so is croque en bouch.  Yay for people thinkin’ outside the cake-box!  3) Time after time, when cupcakes are featured, they are so incredibly plain.

It’s that third point that I’m stuck on.  It seems like the majority that I’ve seen have white or brown liners with basic swirls of frosting.  WHY?  Why have wedding cupcakes that look just like any other cupcake at any bakery?  Everything for your wedding is customized to fit your style, so shouldn’t cupcakes be custom decorated, too?

There are about 57239590 products bakers can use to make cupcakes extra-special.  Colored sugars, pearlized sugars, jimmies, nonpareils, quins, dragees, sixlets, edible glitter, pearls, candy beads, fondant, edible paper, isomalt crystals (edible diamonds), and almost every color liner imaginable.  Many bakeries and cupcakeries are already doing a great job using this stuff (shout out to Crumbs and Doilies, who I can’t wait to visit next time I am in London), so why do I still see so many plain ol’ cupcakes?

Lisa and I don’t really do ‘plain’ in our own lives (ask me about my Bollywood-inspired living room!) and we certainly bring that to the business, so maybe we’re biased.  But one of the reasons I love this job is that I get to be creative and design something both pretty and special, even personal, to the couple that’s getting married.  So I wanted to feature one of our recent wedding towers to show how great personal design can be.  It’s not plain, and maybe it’s not even elegant, but it’s as fun, colorful, and literary as the couple we made it for:

Wedding Tower - Cupcakes with Books

Wedding Tower - Cupcakes with Books

Wedding Cupcakes with Books on Top

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