We love our logo!

We’ve done a couple really big events over the last few weeks (more on those later!) and we were asked the same question over and over:

“Are you going to be / when will you be / have you been on Cupcake Wars?”

The answer is no, never, and no.  Too competitive.  Lisa and I are both pretty laid back and that show seems STRESSFUL.  We also don’t have a typical cupcake shop to promote, so it wouldn’t make sense for us.  And did I mention the stress?

But that’s not really what I wanted to blog about today.  I actually want to talk about the comment that we heard the most at those events:

“I love your logo!”

Whether it was on our t-shirts, our business cards, our flyers, our display table – peeps were loving the logo.  And who could blame them?  It is SO cool!  We only wished that the person who had designed it had been around to hear all those great compliments on her work.

Since she wasn’t, this is our digital shout out to Diane at Grey Cat Dot (http://www.greycatdotdesign.com):  YOU ARE SO AWESOME!

The truth is, we didn’t even have a logo for more than a year after starting the business.  We know – terrible branding on our part!  We just didn’t have the money at the outset to pay someone to design it.  A couple of people did designs for us for free but they didn’t really capture our style and we didn’t want to ask our friends to spend a lot of time making changes when they weren’t getting paid (in money – we did give them cupcakes).

So we went to Diane and told her what we wanted.  We both had a very clear vision:  A tattoo-style cupcake with swirly pink frosting that has a banner around it and a sacred heart on top like a cherry.  Diane listened to us and gave us perfection on the very first try!  It was as if she was in our brains.  We felt like she really understood our style, our brand, and our business.  We wanted a logo that was so cool, we could get it tattooed on us at some point… and that’s exactly what we got.

We went back to Grey Cat Dot design when we needed fliers for an event.  Like a lot of small business owners, we try to do everything ourselves, and I had initially planned on making the flyer in my “spare time” (what a joke).  I am so glad that I didn’t!  Diane’s work was far, far better than mine would have been – we got a professional looking flier that still reflected our style.  And we got a lot of compliments on the flyer, too!

We’d highly recommend Grey Cat Dot design to any local business looking for design services.  Diane is amazing – she really understands personal style and branding, her work is professional, and she has integrity.  It might seem like design is an area where you can do it ‘on the cheap’, but in the end, paying for professional help is SO worth it.

Thank you, Diane!

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DotMarch 14th, 2012 at 8:15 pm

aw, shucks you guys. That is beyond sweet. I love you chicks and I am glad that you are doing so well.

now if I could just get time to redesign my web site.

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