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(Because of a WP page limitation, we’ve had to delete our About Us page.  It lives on here, in the blog.)

Our Lady of Cupcakes was started by two best friends, KT and Lisa, in 2010.   We started blogging about cupcakes, expecting to do that for a while, but the demand for our products was overwhelming.  We soon found a commercial kitchen, filed paperwork to become licensed as a bakery, and started taking internet orders.

At first, our plan was to start a mobile cupcake truck, then maybe get a small store.  That all changed when we made cupcakes for our first wedding.  Everything about special event catering appealed to us – we got to work closely with our clients, do something new every week, and truly make people happy.   Since then, we’ve made special events, and weddings in particular, our focus.

This is what KT had to say about Lisa:

“Lisa is multi-talented – currently a Master’s student in Rhetoric at ASU, she also make some seriously cool jewelry and still has time to consistently get the highest score in Bejewled.  Lisa’s also one of the best cooks that I know, especially when it comes to all manner of pastas (probably something to do with her Italian grandparents).  When it comes to cupcakes, she’s master of the even batter pour and currently better than me at making frosting swirls.  Before we decided to be business partners, we were just plain best friends – we eat, laugh, chill, shop, scrapbook, go on road trips, have a lot of fun, and occasionally work out together.  Lisa’s the best!”

And this is what Lisa had to say about KT:

“KT is the bomb-diggity!  She loves art, music, food, glittery things, doggies, and now (thanks to me!) shopping.  She is also an avid crafter, so when we’re not making cupcakes we’re probably doing some sort or craft….or eating.  I very much appreciate her belief that you can (and should) do something that makes you happy every day to earn your living, and that life is meant to be enjoyed.  She is my partner in crime when it comes to breaking out of the “rat-race” and creating a space where we can be creative, be a little crazy, and be ourselves with no apologies.  Being a foodie, she comes up with great ideas for cupcake flavors, and being an artist she’s got a great eye for making them look pretty too.   And we both have an insatiable love for Chipotle that cannot be rivaled, so our friendship was just meant to be!”

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