Why We Fancy Email

Recently I’ve had a few clients who preferred phone contact over email contact and I found myself feeling very guilty at the limited time I had available to make phone calls. So I thought I’d share via our blog just why we use email as our preferred method of communication, and let our clients in on why we aren’t easy to get hold of on the phone!

We’re a 2 person operation.

That means we do everything – and I mean everything ourselves. This website? We designed it (well, KT did!) and maintain it. We are the baking department, marketing department, supply chain department, purchasing department, customer service department, managers, owners and delivery drivers. We do a lot. ¬†And that means we might be up to our elbows in batter, standing on a step-stool in the pantry doing inventory, at Costco loading up on supplies, driving across town post-delivery, or any number of things when we get a call. Unfortunately, sometimes our day isn’t over until 10 pm and because we’re customer service oriented, we’d rather not call our clients back when they’re in pajamas and watching their favorite show before bedtime. We can, however, email them and let them read it and reply at a time that’s convenient for them!

We need details!

Because we sometimes book as far as 6 months out (maybe longer!) for a wedding, we need to keep detailed records on what our clients want how, when and where. This is so much easier to do via email. When we coordinate the flavors, number of cupcakes needed, decor, and finalize plans for delivery it is a whole lot of information. We find that we can get better clarity when we can bullet point each detail and allow the client to look it over and make changes as needed. This keeps us from getting confused about what our clients want, and keeps the client informed every step of the way so that they’re sure they’re getting exactly what they’ve asked for. Keeping track of all of this via phone conversation would be much more difficult, and we’d feel just awful if we misconstrued the vision of a client and it put a damper on their event.

Record keeping is important!

This is true for us as a business and for the client as well. Does the client have a nut allergy? If so we’d email them our policy on how we sanitize our kitchen and strive to minimize cross contamination at every level of production so that they could make an informed decision on whether to choose us. Sometimes we have a client who hasn’t ordered from us in a while but wants that crazy flavor we custom made for them that they don’t quite remember – we can just look it up in our records and make that flavor for them again. We can even see, via the email thread, if there were tweaks we made along the way when customizing that flavor for them. And of course, should a dispute arise, we have a record of what everyone said they wanted, which makes it that much easier to address and solve.

We think our clients are awesome. Oftentimes, we wish a tasting could go longer so that we could chat more with a potential client we just met. So its certainly not that we don’t want to talk to our clients! Its just that we have a lot on our plates, and we want to give the best service we can without missing any important details, and we want our clients to know that.

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