Featured Event: Milestones

Welcome back to our Featured Events series!  Last time, we talked about the first wedding we ever did – a huge milestone for us as a business.  We’d like to continue in the theme of milestones today by talking about how our cupcakes have been present for all the major celebrations for one of our favorite couples, Lindsey and Michael.

Lindsay enjoys a Strawberry cupcake.

Our cupcakes were there for Michael’s graduation…

Graduation Party Cupcakes

And Lindsey’s graduation…

Lindsay w/ Horchata Cupcake

And their wedding…

Blue and Yellow Daisy-themed Wedding Cupcake Tower

And their baby shower… which we have no pictures of, for some odd reason.  Did I forget the camera that day?  Well, you’ll have to take our word for it, we were totally there.

In fact, I think they first had our cupcakes when they started dating…  WOW!

Our Chocolate-Covered Strawberry cupcake makes Michael cry.

Lindsey and Michael are dear friends of ours and we’ve been extremely lucky to have their support from the very beginning.  They certainly haven’t been obligated to mark every occasion with Our Lady’s cupcakes – instead, they’ve been excited to do so.  We’re so honored to be part of their memories as they’ve made a life (figuratively and literally) together.

Added bonus:  Their family and friends have gotten to know us and love our products, too – we’ll be catering Michael’s sister’s wedding in July!

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