Featured Event: Jade and Black Peacock-Inspired Wedding

It’s time for another Featured Event!  This wedding really let us flex our creativity muscles, which we love to do.  It’s one of the things that’s led us to making special events our focus.  We made this tower for a bride who wanted jade & black with a peacock theme:

Jade/Peacock Wedding Cupcake Tower

First, we got creative with the actual baking.  When we were discussing flavors, the bride specifically mentioned that she wanted something with banana so we created Bananas Foster and Banana Cream Pie specifically for her tasting.  What an inspiration!  It turns out a lot of people love banana – both flavors are extremely popular.

Banana Cream Pie Cupcake with Edible Peacock Feather and Jade Glitter

We also got to be super creative with the decorations because the bride was up for anything.  We had the opportunity to do a number of things we’d never done before.  We used edible paper peacock feathers (from the wonderful Sugar Robot whose products we’ve continued to use)…

Lemon Tart Cupcake with Edible Peacock Feather

We hand-dyed jade sprinkles…

Custom Dyed Jade Nonpareils

And we made fondant disks printed with peacock feathers and brushed with luster dust…

White Out Cupcakes with Embossed Fondant Detail

To complete the look, we made a jade top cake and wrapped the tower in ribbons.

Jade/Peacock Wedding Cupcake Tower

We like to think the tower made a big impact and submit this photo as evidence:

bridesmaids taking pictures of cupcake tower

How awesome is that?!  We loved working with this couple – the bride and groom (and all the bridesmaids we met) were very friendly and fun.  It was a rewarding experience because of the creative freedom, but also because the people we made the display for were so great.

cutting the cake

One of the reasons we’ve pushed through the really difficult times is because we love to make wonderful things for wonderful people.

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