IndieGoGo Perk: Get a Free Cupcake

Earlier this week, we announced the beginning of a great project: our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a new delivery vehicle.  It is VERY EXCITING for a lot of reasons, but the excellent donor perks we’re giving out is a big one!  We’ll be blogging about the available gifts for the next two months so that you can see pictures and get more information about the great stuff you can get if you donate.

We get it, times are tough all around.  I mean, that’s part of the reason we’re trying to crowdfund this project – the economy just isn’t awesome.  So we understand that a lot of our supporters might not be able to donate much or even at all.  And that’s okay!  It’s what’s great about the crowdfunding process!  Even small amounts can make a big difference and sharing our project can sometimes make the biggest difference of all.

Those who donate $1 (and every level above that) can have their name placed on a Thank You page on our website – forever.  It can also include a company name/link or a personal message.  You could use it to promote your own business or campaign, to give someone special a shout out, or even to tell the world how much you love us!

Those who donate $5 will get either a coupon for a free cupcake or a handwritten thank you card.  The free cupcake coupon is for local folks (or, I guess, anyone planning a trip to AZ) because it’s redeemable at Chocolate Star bakery for any cupcake or push pop we have on sale that day.  Want to know what flavors we’ve got?  They’ll be listed on our *facebook* and our *twitter*.

If you live Elsewhere or if you really don’t want the temptation of a free cupcake coupon, we’ll send you a handwritten Thank You card, signed by both Lisa and I.  It just might give you the warm n’ fuzzies…. and if it doesn’t, you could probably get at least the warms from burning it.  Multifunctional!

If you don’t have the means to donate, you can still help us out by mentioning our project on your Facebook, Twitter, G+, or by composing an ode with quill and ink.  Getting the word out is important for us – the more people who hear about our project, the more likely we are to get fully funded.

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