Featured Event: Allergen-Free Wedding

Welcome to another post in our ongoing series, Featured Events.  Now, let’s talk allergies!

Yes, allergies.  Not fun, but something we all live with.  I have an allergy to avocado that makes eating sushi occasionally a bummer but doesn’t affect much more than that.  I was lucky as a kid to never have to worry about what was in my food.  As an adult, though, I developed a sensitivity to very acidic foods like tomatoes and pineapple.  Now I think about what I’m eating a lot more – and I miss the hell out of spaghetti and salsa!  But I’d never really considered what it was like for people who have a severe, deadly allergic reaction to nuts until we did this wedding:

Aqua, Black, and White Wedding Cupcake Tower

Great display, right?  It’s one of the ones we’re most proud of, but not just because it’s pretty.  This tower is completely peanut and tree nut allegen free!

Aqua, Black, and White Wedding Cupcake Tower

If that doesn’t sound like a feat… you’re not a baker.  Being allergen-conscious meant double-sanitizing our equipment, buying new or disposable decoration tools, researching all our ingredients and decor material, and replacing / rethinking stuff that wasn’t allergy friendly.  We learned a TON from this experience, most notably that it’s not easy to live with that kind of illness.

We also learned that none of Wilton’s products and few of CK Products’ decor items were safe from cross contamination.  We ended up being limited to Cake Mate decorations because they were the only brand that was truly allergy safe.  Crazy!

Aqua, Black, and White Wedding Cupcake Tower

Not that we let that limit our creativity.  We dyed Cake Mate pearls (which only come in white) to match the color palate and we made our own fondant for the flowers and cake.

Aqua, Black, and White Cupcakes

We also had to make royal icing without merigue powder because the only brands we could find all had allergy warnings.  It was a different texture than were used to which made the cake a LOT harder to decorate.

Aqua, Black, and White Wedding Cupcake Tower

So overall, this wedding was a bit more difficult than normal.  But it was a bit more rewarding, too.  The bride was really worried that she wouldn’t be able to eat her own cake on her wedding day and we helped make sure that wasn’t a problem.  She was happy, her new husband was happy, and friends/family couldn’t tell the difference.  Success!

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