Featured Event: Garden Inspired Wedding

Hey there!  It’s featured event time again – I know, the week just flew by.  Today we’re featuring something on the whimsical side… BUTTERFLIES!  Edible butterflies, in fact.

White Out Cupcake with Edible Butterfly

The couple that we worked with on this wedding didn’t really have a particular style in mind when they approached us, so we took a lot of inspiration from the location – the gorgeous garden environment of the Wright house.

Carrot Cake Cupcake with Fondant Flower

It’s a stunning location with two event spaces – one is a classic English garden and the other is French Provencal villa.  Both are lush and green and a total vacation from the rest of Mesa.

Blue and Purple Garden Wedding Tower

The atmosphere of the Wright house and the couple’s blue and purple color palatte inspired us to do something floral and elegant.  We used pearls, glitter, small pressed fondant flowers, and delicate edible butterflies to create this display:

Blue and Purple Garden Wedding Tower

Pretty, right?  We were very happy with how it came out.  What would you guess was the hardest part of putting this display together?

Butterflies and Flowers on an ivory top cake

If you guessed the butterflies, you’d be wrong.  Those were ordered from Sugar Robot – we’d used them before on the *Peacock wedding* and we knew they’d be great.  It was actually the ribbon!  We wanted to match the ribbon to the bridesmaid’s dresses and we couldn’t find the right color anywhere.  We ended up wrapping some green satin ribbon with blue organza, which was quite a process – if you’ve ever tried to sew organza, you know what we’re talking about.  All the effort ended up being worth it because the ribbon matched the other decor perfectly!  Doesn’t it look like the same material as the table cover?

Blue and Purple Garden Wedding Tower

We were really happy with how this display came out, and so were the bride and groom.  Don’t they look great?  We love pictures of happy couples!

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