IndieGoGo Perks: Wearables

As you may have heard, we think our logo is awesome.  Whenever we do events and wear our shirts, people always mention how much they love it.  On more than one occasion we’ve been asked if we sell them.  For all the people who love our logo, now the answer is YES!

We have several different wearable products with our logo on them available as perks for our IndieGoGo campaign.  Such as…

$35 – Fitted T-Shirt with a Black Logo

These aren’t just any t-shirts!  They’re high quality, soft, fitted cotton tee’s that are silkscreened with our fabulous logo!  Comfortable, flattering, and people are guaranteed to ask you wear you got it.  How do I know?  I own like 5 of these – we wear them all the time.

$100 – Personalized Our Lady of Cupcakes Apron

This is just a photoshop rendering of the apron – when it’s printed, it’s going to be extra awesome because it’ll have YOUR name right on it!  Aprons are pretty necessary for us because we tend to get powdered sugar EVERYWHERE!  If you want to look stylin’ and keep your clothes clean, this is for you.

$150 – An Our Lady Team Baseball Shirt

This is seriously exclusive!  Lisa and I have these shirts with the logo in the front and our names on the back and those who have given us the most help along the way (people we consider Our Lady’s family) have their role on the front with their name on the back.  Pictured above is Tim’s shirt – he’s my totally awesome boyfriend and one of our main test subjects.  Therefore, he’s a Cake Eater (because Guy Who Occasionally Moves Heavy Things was too long to put on the front of the shirt).  If you donate $150, we’ll put your role (Funder? Investor? Rock Star?) and name right on there so everyone will know that you’re a part of our team.

Pretty awesome merch, right?  Well, since our IndieGoGo project needs a little more love, we’ve got an extra special promotion we’re offering ALL WEEKEND LONG.  If you donate at the level of one of these featured perks, you’re going to get an EXTRA gift.  A perk perk, if you will!

  • Donate $35, get the t-shirt AND a jar o’ cupcake so you’ve got something to nom while lookin’ good.
  • Donate $100, get the apron AND pockets full of baking tools – whisks, spoons, spatulas, all you need to start baking.  Except the pans, we can’t fit those in the pockets.
  • Donate $150, get the team shirt AND a kit that will make you an honorary baker – bandanas (we always wear them), a whisk (for cake batter), a bottle of vanilla paste (our secret ingredient – shhh, don’t tell!), and a shaker of edible glitter (our favorite!)

Now that we’ve sweetened the pot (pun intended!), why don’t you donate?

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