Featured Event In the Desert

Uh oh!  I’m late on our weekly featured event post.  Why?  Well, I’m gearing up for an exciting vacation to beautiful New Orleans!  One of my favorite cities in the world.  The food, the music, the people… it’s amazing.  And it’s totally different from AZ in nearly every way but one:  It’s freakin’ HOT in August!

I’m not sure yet which state has it worst, but I do know I’m going to be sweating through all my nice clothes as I walk/bike around NOLA this weekend.  In the spirit of summer, I thought I’d share the last event we did where me and the cupcakes (and probably Lisa, too) got really ridiculously hot:

Desert Inspired Wedding Cupcake Tower

What you can’t see behind that black curtain is desert.  Miles of it.  Brush and cacti and dirt and hardly any shade at all.  In May, on a warmer-than-normal day.  HOT!!!  We set these up in the sun at first but it became clear that wasn’t going to work.  Luckily, the catering staff had put up a curtain.  The little bit of shade this curtain provided is all that seperated these cupcakes (and us!) from totally melting.  Not that they didn’t get pretty soft…

Desert Inspired Wedding Cupcake Tower

Can you tell?  Luckily, you probably can’t.  Thank goodness!  The display still ended up looking fabulous, despite the heat and being moved from the sun to the shade.

Desert Inspired Wedding Cupcake Tower

These cupcakes looked great and fit in with the desert atmosphere, but what really made this display something special was the top cake:

Day of the Dead Cake Topper

Now, we don’t normally give a lot of love to the top cake because cupcakes are the stars of the show.  But we can’t deny how gorgeous this is!  The Day of the Dead style bride and groom topper and flowers were provided to us and Lisa arranged them by hand, bit by bit, in 100+ degree heat… did she do great or what?

Desert Inspired Wedding Cupcake Tower

So, what did we learn from this event?  We can do cupcakes outside, in May, but only if we have some shade.  Oh, and next time, I’m totally wearing shorts.

We won’t be posting a featured event next week because of my trip but we’ll be back the week after that with something extra special!  See you soon!

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