IndieGoGo Perk: $50 – $75

You know what’s awesome about the people donating to our IndieGoGo project?  I mean, besides the fact that they’re helping out a small, local business.  The average donation to our campaign is $68, which is higher than the average for IndieGoGo over all.  Our donors are some generous peeps!

You might be wondering, what can I get for around $68 dollars?  Well, there are some pretty sweet gifts:

For $50, you can get a custom print of you (or someone you love) as a cupcake!

These little cupcakes look so much like Lisa and I that people can actually recognize us based on them.  How cool is that? If you have ever dreamed of being a cupcake, this perk is for you!  We’ll create a little cupcake character for you, make a high quality print, and frame it, then we’ll ship it to you so you can show it off!  This perk would also make a great gift for someone special.

-OR- for $50, you can get 4 jars o’ cupcakes!

This is an already-baked cupcake with frosting and sprinkles, sealed up in a mason jar.  It’s about the size of a normal cupcake but there’s a bit more frosting (so that it stays sealed).  Cupcake jars are good for shipping because they won’t get squished and they don’t get all dried out. These also make a great gift – slap a bow on there, how cute is that?  Plus, you get a high-quality reusable jar, for which there are LITERALLY UNLIMITED USES. Seriously, find something you CAN’T use a glass jar for, I dare you.

Birthday Cupcakes for Brady

For $75, you can get 1 dozen cupcakes in ANY flavor delivered to your door!

Your cupcakes won’t be Made in Taiwan (these were for a birthday party) – they’ll be baked fresh by us and then dropped off at your home.  The best part?  You can pick any flavor you want!  Even if it isn’t on our menu.  Custom flavors, custom decorations, you name it.  What could be better?

Well, I guess the only thing that could be better than cupcakes delivered to you door would be MORE CUPCAKES!  So, for this weekend only, we’re going to give you a little something extra if you donate either $50 or $75:

*If you order the print, you get a jar o’ cupcake decorated to match your cupcake.

*If you order the jars o’ cupcake, you get an extra jar in a surprise flavor.

*If you order the 1 dozen delivery, you get an extra 4 cupcakes in a surprise variety of flavors.  You get your favorites and get to try some new ones, too!

Get on this deal now:

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