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IndieGoGo Perk: $50 – $75

You know what’s awesome about the people donating to our IndieGoGo project?  I mean, besides the fact that they’re helping out a small, local business.  The average donation to our campaign is $68, which is higher than the average for IndieGoGo over all.  Our donors are some generous peeps!

You might be wondering, what can I get for around $68 dollars?  Well, there are some pretty sweet gifts:

For $50, you can get a custom print of you (or someone you love) as a cupcake!

These little cupcakes look so much like Lisa and I that people can actually recognize us based on them.  How cool is that? If you have ever dreamed of being a cupcake, this perk is for you!  We’ll create a little cupcake character for you, make a high quality print, and frame it, then we’ll ship it to you so you can show it off!  This perk would also make a great gift for someone special.

-OR- for $50, you can get 4 jars o’ cupcakes!

This is an already-baked cupcake with frosting and sprinkles, sealed up in a mason jar.  It’s about the size of a normal cupcake but there’s a bit more frosting (so that it stays sealed).  Cupcake jars are good for shipping because they won’t get squished and they don’t get all dried out. These also make a great gift – slap a bow on there, how cute is that?  Plus, you get a high-quality reusable jar, for which there are LITERALLY UNLIMITED USES. Seriously, find something you CAN’T use a glass jar for, I dare you.

Birthday Cupcakes for Brady

For $75, you can get 1 dozen cupcakes in ANY flavor delivered to your door!

Your cupcakes won’t be Made in Taiwan (these were for a birthday party) – they’ll be baked fresh by us and then dropped off at your home.  The best part?  You can pick any flavor you want!  Even if it isn’t on our menu.  Custom flavors, custom decorations, you name it.  What could be better?

Well, I guess the only thing that could be better than cupcakes delivered to you door would be MORE CUPCAKES!  So, for this weekend only, we’re going to give you a little something extra if you donate either $50 or $75:

*If you order the print, you get a jar o’ cupcake decorated to match your cupcake.

*If you order the jars o’ cupcake, you get an extra jar in a surprise flavor.

*If you order the 1 dozen delivery, you get an extra 4 cupcakes in a surprise variety of flavors.  You get your favorites and get to try some new ones, too!

Get on this deal now:

Featured Event In the Desert

Uh oh!  I’m late on our weekly featured event post.  Why?  Well, I’m gearing up for an exciting vacation to beautiful New Orleans!  One of my favorite cities in the world.  The food, the music, the people… it’s amazing.  And it’s totally different from AZ in nearly every way but one:  It’s freakin’ HOT in August!

I’m not sure yet which state has it worst, but I do know I’m going to be sweating through all my nice clothes as I walk/bike around NOLA this weekend.  In the spirit of summer, I thought I’d share the last event we did where me and the cupcakes (and probably Lisa, too) got really ridiculously hot:

Desert Inspired Wedding Cupcake Tower

What you can’t see behind that black curtain is desert.  Miles of it.  Brush and cacti and dirt and hardly any shade at all.  In May, on a warmer-than-normal day.  HOT!!!  We set these up in the sun at first but it became clear that wasn’t going to work.  Luckily, the catering staff had put up a curtain.  The little bit of shade this curtain provided is all that seperated these cupcakes (and us!) from totally melting.  Not that they didn’t get pretty soft…

Desert Inspired Wedding Cupcake Tower

Can you tell?  Luckily, you probably can’t.  Thank goodness!  The display still ended up looking fabulous, despite the heat and being moved from the sun to the shade.

Desert Inspired Wedding Cupcake Tower

These cupcakes looked great and fit in with the desert atmosphere, but what really made this display something special was the top cake:

Day of the Dead Cake Topper

Now, we don’t normally give a lot of love to the top cake because cupcakes are the stars of the show.  But we can’t deny how gorgeous this is!  The Day of the Dead style bride and groom topper and flowers were provided to us and Lisa arranged them by hand, bit by bit, in 100+ degree heat… did she do great or what?

Desert Inspired Wedding Cupcake Tower

So, what did we learn from this event?  We can do cupcakes outside, in May, but only if we have some shade.  Oh, and next time, I’m totally wearing shorts.

We won’t be posting a featured event next week because of my trip but we’ll be back the week after that with something extra special!  See you soon!

IndieGoGo Perks: Wearables

As you may have heard, we think our logo is awesome.  Whenever we do events and wear our shirts, people always mention how much they love it.  On more than one occasion we’ve been asked if we sell them.  For all the people who love our logo, now the answer is YES!

We have several different wearable products with our logo on them available as perks for our IndieGoGo campaign.  Such as…

$35 – Fitted T-Shirt with a Black Logo

These aren’t just any t-shirts!  They’re high quality, soft, fitted cotton tee’s that are silkscreened with our fabulous logo!  Comfortable, flattering, and people are guaranteed to ask you wear you got it.  How do I know?  I own like 5 of these – we wear them all the time.

$100 – Personalized Our Lady of Cupcakes Apron

This is just a photoshop rendering of the apron – when it’s printed, it’s going to be extra awesome because it’ll have YOUR name right on it!  Aprons are pretty necessary for us because we tend to get powdered sugar EVERYWHERE!  If you want to look stylin’ and keep your clothes clean, this is for you.

$150 – An Our Lady Team Baseball Shirt

This is seriously exclusive!  Lisa and I have these shirts with the logo in the front and our names on the back and those who have given us the most help along the way (people we consider Our Lady’s family) have their role on the front with their name on the back.  Pictured above is Tim’s shirt – he’s my totally awesome boyfriend and one of our main test subjects.  Therefore, he’s a Cake Eater (because Guy Who Occasionally Moves Heavy Things was too long to put on the front of the shirt).  If you donate $150, we’ll put your role (Funder? Investor? Rock Star?) and name right on there so everyone will know that you’re a part of our team.

Pretty awesome merch, right?  Well, since our IndieGoGo project needs a little more love, we’ve got an extra special promotion we’re offering ALL WEEKEND LONG.  If you donate at the level of one of these featured perks, you’re going to get an EXTRA gift.  A perk perk, if you will!

  • Donate $35, get the t-shirt AND a jar o’ cupcake so you’ve got something to nom while lookin’ good.
  • Donate $100, get the apron AND pockets full of baking tools – whisks, spoons, spatulas, all you need to start baking.  Except the pans, we can’t fit those in the pockets.
  • Donate $150, get the team shirt AND a kit that will make you an honorary baker – bandanas (we always wear them), a whisk (for cake batter), a bottle of vanilla paste (our secret ingredient – shhh, don’t tell!), and a shaker of edible glitter (our favorite!)

Now that we’ve sweetened the pot (pun intended!), why don’t you donate?

Featured Event: Elegant, Traditional, Fabulous

Welcome to another featured event!  We’ve told you about a few of the events we’ve done that have been out of the box (like last week’s star themed wedding, or the butterfly wedding, or the one with mini books), but what about “in the box”?  I mean, there is nothing really wrong with “the box” itself – an all-white display is really classic and elegant.  We love doing stuff that’s outside the norm but trust me, we can kick butt at classic and elegant.  Check this out:

Elegant White and Lavender Wedding

White ribbon, baby’s breath… pretty traditional, am I right?  Could have even been boring, but it wasn’t – the laser cut cupcakes wrappers add a dash of style and, if you get real close, you’ll notice a little modern sparkle:

Elegant White and Lavender Wedding

It’s our favorite – edible glitter!  Yep, even glitter can be elegant.

This bride wanted a whole table full of treats, so we paired this tower with some antique silver cake stands and mini cupcakes.   This gave us the opportunity to bring in the wedding colors, lavender and silver.

Elegant White and Lavender Wedding

The family made some traditional wedding cookies, the caterer brought some chocolate straberries, and VOILA!  An elegant, romantic, and traditional dessert table:

Elegant White and Lavender Wedding

Featured Event: I’m seein’ stars!

When you think of wedding graphics, you think hearts.  Or maybe flowers.  Those seem to be the big two, the starting point from which a lot of cake or cupcake displays are designed.

But what if you don’t particularly like either of those things?  Let’s face it, there’s a lot of ladies out there who don’t really relate to the flowery, behearted (totally just made up that word) version of romance.  For some, love just makes them see stars!

Star-Themed Wedding

This purple and silver star-themed tower was so much fun to design and put together!  We got to use a lot of really fun product, like edible star glitter…

Star-Themed Wedding

And candy molds that let us make star chocolates, which we “painted” in order to match the purple theme…

Star-Themed Wedding

And, our most favorite product ever, edible glitter:

Star-Themed Wedding

We used different colors of fondant, luster dust (on the chocolates), and glitter to give the tower a bit of a gradient in color.   Then we covered a small cake in purple stars of all different shades!

Star-Themed Wedding

Sure, it doesn’t look like a traditional wedding design.  But that’s awesome!  It’s fun, it’s pretty, it’s memorable, and it’s exactly what our clients wanted.

Featured Event: Love and Differences

Welcome to another Featured Event!  This event is about two of the most beautiful things about our world: Love and Difference.  Love bridging and celebrating those Differences… and the Love of doing things Differently in general.
Individual Cupcake Stand Wedding
Our bride and groom this week wanted to have a cupcake display that was unique and reflected the coming together of two cultures.  For the groom, an American classic – Red Velvet.  If you didn’t know, Red Velvet was invented in the American south in the late 1800′s as a combination of Red Devil’s Food and Chocolate Velvet cake recipes.  This flavor has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and seems ubiquitous in American bakeries, but it’s still not very common outside the US.  For the bride, a British treat – a cupcake based on Terry’s Chocolate Orange.  We took an actual Terry’s, melted it, and incorporated it into a chocolate buttercream.  Delicious!
Individual Cupcake Stand Wedding
Those, along with two other flavors, were uniquely displayed on individual cake stands.  Talk about bringing people together – each table ended up discussing which flavors they wanted.  We even heard stories after that one guest went from table to table, collecting “spare” Red Velvet.  Hahaha!

Individual Cupcake Stand Wedding

For the bride and groom, we did a towering tiered cupcake with a little bit of everything.

Tiered Cupcake Cake
We loved working with this couple – the ideas and flavors were fun, interesting… and unique to them.  It’s so cool to put together something that reflects the people getting married, even down to where they were born.  Bringing two families together, when they’re separated by culture and an entire ocean, is a seriously beautiful thing and we’re so lucky to have been a small part of that.